The Fund

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AND CULTURAL TOURISM DEVELOPMENT FUND is an innovative organization in the field of management of social and cultural processes. Its creative team of professional project managers view Culture, Tourism, Education and Information Technologies as the main resources for regional development.

Our key distinctive features are:

  • Understanding culture as a strategic resource for regional development;
  • Identifying project design as the priority approach;
  • Wide use of new humanitarian technologies in cultural management (social cultural project development, marketing, fundraising, etc.);
  • Creating partner network communities and active involvement in national and international networks.


- regional development -

  • Development and implementation of international projects in cultural entrepreneurship and cultural tourism;
  • Elaboration of development projects and programs, marketing places;
  • Integration of new planning and economic models in cultural areas;
  • Development and coordination of projects in cultural, eco and youth tourism, based on the principles of sustainable development (within the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of education of Finland).

- education -

  • Organizing seminars and training courses on management in the area of culture and cultural tourism and project management;
  • Promotion of project ideology among cultural institutions of Karelia, assistance in project design;
  • Holding project competitions.

- information -

  • Development of the information for culture and cultural tourism of Karelia;
  • Creation and content management of web resources on culture and cultural tourism;
  • Producing publishing and media products;
  • Coordinating center of the Karelian Holidays museum tourism network:
    - information on historical, cultural and natural heritage of Karelia and tourist services;
    - tours, special and one-of-a-kind programs.

- contemporary art - 

  • Creation of an experimental area for creative and innovative projects in culture and art;
  • Development of contemporary art of Karelia and its promotion to the national and international levels;
  • Assistance in integration and development of new technologies of culture and art;
  • Discovering new talents, providing opportunities for self-realization and development of professional skills of young artists.
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Republic of Karelia, Russia
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