Board of trustees
VOSTRYAKOV Lev Yevgenyevitch
Doctor of Political Science,  Head of department, Northwest Academy of Civil Service

ZELENTSOVA Elena Valentinovna
Candidate of culturology/cultural studies, director of the Creative Industries Agency, head of the speciality «Creative Industries» at the faculty of socio-cultural projects management of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, deputy head of the department of territorial development of the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

ZUEV Sergey Eduardovitch
Dean, «Management of social cultural projects» faculty of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, visiting professor of Manchester University
KHOLODKOVA Elena Yuryevna
Head of Web-laboratory of the Petrozavodsk State University
SCHERBAKOVA Irina Vladimirovna
Research scientist of the Institute of education advancement, a branch of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow)
Karl Marx Ave. 14, Petrozavodsk
Republic of Karelia, Russia
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